Fleur Ward Interior Design

Lets collaborate and decorate!


Dig deep to get to know you and what you want doing, why, when and for how much??​​
We also do Garden Design.. We have landscapers, horticulturalists and patio people at hand to offer advice on the externals of your home. ​  Whether you want your beds maintained, or completely replanted, landscaping  or a pergola built, we can help you.  And what happens when the garden is done? We furnish it! Bring the inside out. Summer is coming....


​​If you don't have an architect or builder, that's ok - I know a few! So depending on your requirements we can help. Space planning, conceptuals, 3D drawings, joinery,  plans & elevations, lighting, fabrics and furniture are all the things we love doing! Whether you have a blank canvas or idea's of our own, we can help implement and orchestrate to make your house your home. Stop feeling embarassed - lets go!​​


​​My passion is fabrics and furniture. Choosing items and putting schemes together for a room or your whole house is right up my street! I have painters and decorators that can completely transform your room, joiners who can build that bespoke item, upholsters to give life to the inherited item you can't part with,  did I also mention I have a thing for wallpaper....My curtain makers are at the ready!

Design​ Service

​​Every project is approached individually and after a brief is taken, where we carefully listen to your wish list, how you function as a family, the rooms purpose and requirements etc, a proposal is put forward illustrating time estimated on the project, items sourced and budget required.

I come up with the ideas, create the concepts, do the drawings and source each piece, then give a estimate. It ensures that we work swiftly and efficiently to achieve in the time agreed but also keeps the client realistic when making decisions.  We need the client to be clear with their budget to ensure no time is wasted sourcing products etc they can't afford. We only ever work in the clients best interest to ensure that price, quality and service is a priority.

Online- Design

​​This is a very simple and speedy way to redecorate a room. Sizes and photos of the rooms can be emailed to me, along with your wish list and budget and I will provide a moodboard and spec for you then to go shopping and arrange yourself. This process works well for those with time and little budget.